In front of my new campaign office at 64 James St N.

My name is Michael Andrew Pattison, but you may know me as Homegrown Mike. I was born and raised in Hamilton, I’m a father to two girls, stepdad to one, one of four children to a hard working mother (Heather), who is employed in the transportation industry, and a son to my late father (Gary), who worked for Stelco.

My resume will demonstrate that I  have held many roles in my professional life,  including running successful businesses ranging from a designated driving company to more recently a beloved café in downtown Hamilton – Homegrown Hamilton.

Engaging in political dialogue has been a passion of mine since my youth. I  follow the issues and get involved where I can. I have a great passion for this city and many outside of the box thoughts on how to move us forward and be self-sufficient in an ever evolving world.

The connections I have made with the community and businesses during my ownership of Homegrown Hamilton were sincere and lasting. I know firsthand what it’s like to work with various city departments, and how to manage and create a business that people still miss and talk about very fondly to this day.

The closure of Homegrown Hamilton has created a large void in the core and throughout Hamilton in general. From the dialogue, the music, art, poetry, craft beers, an onsite coffee roaster brewing fair trade organic beans, food made with love and local produce and meats, my café was a favoured space in Hamilton for these reasons and so many more.

Homegrown Hamilton was a place where people gathered, shared their thoughts, ideas, dreams, passions, and where so many met to discuss their advocacy around the city. Most of all, it was an environment where everyone from all walks of life could just be themselves and feel welcome.

I knows the issues. I have worked extremely hard both as a contractor and business owner. 46 years is a long time to get to know a City, it’s people, it’s successes, and it’s challenges.

You can be confident in knowing I have the knowledge, the skills, the passion, and the dedication to build a City that can withstand the challenges of the near and distant future, through being a trusted leader and building strong relationships with city staff, councilor colleagues, Provincial and Federal representatives and departments,  and the various partners and agencies Hamilton deals with on a daily basis.

Most of all, I will be successful through the relationships I build with you.

Best of luck to all candidates for Mayor, Ward Councilor, and School Board Trustees. See you on the campaign trail.  Let’s work together to make Hamilton a place that is home to all people, a place to thrive, a place to raise our children, a place to achieve our goals and dreams, and a place that continues to be a dynamic and forward-moving city.

I am ready to be your Mayor, and I am ready to make your challenges, concerns, and issues heard at City Hall, so you can live your life the way you deserve to- with dignity, respect, pride, and empowerment.

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  1. ReplyTrevor Shaw
    Great story. you have my vote.
  2. ReplyMike
    Thank you for your support, Trevor. It's greatly appreciated. Hope to run into you on the campaign trail.
  3. ReplyDickie
    Well said. You have my vote.
    • ReplyMike
      Thanks Colin! Your support is appreciated. Hope to see you on the campaign trail.

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